Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding Records of the Past

Although it's been almost a year since I have posted to my Genealogy blog, I have still been doing research. With an upcoming trip to Maryland and Virginia, I have been focusing on my Nutter Ancestors who settled a good part of the Virginias and Maryland. I recently purchased a book called Stepney Parish Records of Somerset County, Maryland. This book contains birth, deaths, marriages and confirmation records for the period of 1709-1889 from the churches of St. Bartholomew's at Green Hill and St. Mary's at Tyaskin.

Inside are records for John Huett Nutter and Ann Nutter, my 6th great grandparents as well as their son Matthew Nathan Nutter, my 5th great grandfather.

As is the case with this record, sometimes it brings up more questions than answers. Ann Nutter was a second wife. Was she a cousin and her maiden name actually was Nutter or did they make an error in the records, forgetting perhaps to list her by her maiden name? Based on the time period, it was not unusual for cousins to marry and my hunch is that Ann's maiden name was Nutter and she was a cousin from another Nutter line. I have added this to my "questions to be answered, proof needed" list. That list is long. Really, really long.

One of the features at is the "relationship" tree, showing exactly how you are related to someone way down the line. I've got over 1100 people currently in my family tree so it's helpful to have a way to view the relationship easily.

John Huett NUTTER (1705 - 1760)
is your 6th great grandfather
Son of John Huett
Son of Matthew Nathan
Son of William
Daughter of Isaac W
Son of Mary E.
Daughter of Claude Everett
Son of Billie Louise
You are the daughter of Larry

In addition, I found this burial record for a Bridgett Spelman from 1660. 1660! It's so amazing that the paper is still intact and legible! She was buried at St. Mary in Ealing, England. One of these trips to England needs to be strictly an ancestral research trip! I have a Bridgett Spelman in my tree who is my 12th Great Grandmother but she died 100 years earlier.  Could this be a direct descendent of hers? Or could this actually be from 1560 and not 1660? The only way to find out, is to travel and check out the original for myself! Some day!

Bridgett Spelman (1515 - 1560)

is your 12th great grandmother
Son of Bridgett
Daughter of Edward
Son of Barbary
Daughter of Samuel
Daughter of Mary
Son of Hannah
Son of Benjamin
Son of Samuel
Son of Thomas
Son of Timothy Sewell
Son of Asbury S
Daughter of Claude Everett
Son of Billie Louise
You are the daughter of Larry

So, with renewed enthusiasm I continue to search for documentation and records of my ancestors. What information will be uncovered when I get to Maryland and Virginia? The adventure continues...


  1. I'm on my nighshift Laura and at a quiet time of night so I thought I'd give your ancestral hunt a read. It is totally fascinating and I can't believe you have gone back to the 1500s.
    I gathered from the enthusiasm you showed in the pub in Coniston that this project was a major part of your life but I didn't think you had taken it so far.
    As you're aware Sal is doing here family tree so I can't be the one left out can I? I have my ancestry software, my notebook, a pen, my laptop and bits and pieces of family history and I'm joining you both on another of lifes adventures. Wish me luck x :)

  2. Hi, I was researching John Huett Nutter. He is my 5x great grandfather, I guess that means we are related??

  3. Hi Laura, my lineage is shown below, John Huett Nutter was my 5x great grandfather.

    John Huett NUTTER (1705 - 1746)
    is your 5th great grandfather
    Matthew Nathan NUTTER (1737 - 1811)
    son of John Huett NUTTER
    David NUTTER (1769 - 1851)
    son of Matthew Nathan NUTTER
    David NUTTER Jr (1807 - 1880)
    son of David NUTTER
    Nancy Ann NUTTER (1844 - )
    daughter of David NUTTER Jr
    Elizabeth "Lizzie" PROPPS (Jones) (1874 - 1933)
    daughter of Nancy Ann NUTTER
    Benjamin Harrison HANNAH (1894 - 1969)
    son of Elizabeth "Lizzie" PROPPS (Jones)
    Calvin Wilson Hannah
    I am the son of Benjamin Harrison HANNAH

  4. Ann was the widow of John's brother Matthew.

    Here is my lineage:
    John Huett Nutter (1705 - 1760)
    is your 7th great grandfather
    Thomas Nutter (1739 - 1807)
    son of John Huett Nutter
    James Nutter (1773 - 1833)
    son of Thomas Nutter
    David Davisson Nutter (1803 - 1878)
    son of James Nutter
    James Worth Nutter (1854 - 1940)
    son of David Davisson Nutter
    Charles Davisson Nutter (1879 - 1952)
    son of James Worth Nutter
    John Paul Nutter Sr (1913 - )
    son of Charles Davisson Nutter
    John Paul Nutter Jr (1938 - 2003)
    son of John Paul Nutter Sr
    Denise Machella Nutter (1959 - )
    daughter of John Paul Nutter Jr
    Nannette Crogan
    You are the daughter of Denise Machella Nutter

    Have you checked out this article about John's great grandfather John Huett, Sr 1614-1658 (Ann, his mother; her father Rev John Huett, Jr; his father Rev John Huett, Sr)? So interesting!