Monday, March 22, 2010

The Düsing Immigrant

It's raining today.  It's a damp, dark and gloomy sort of day.  A perfect morning to spend drinking a cup of java and researching my roots.  And this morning turned up a wealth of information on my Great Great Grandfather, Joseph John Duesing.  I discovered a passport application that he filled out in March 1907.  On this application was his date of birth (2/9/1842), place of birth (Halverde, Germany), when he arrived in New York City as an immigrant (Aug 1866), the ship he came in on (The S.S. Hermann) and the port he sailed from (Bremman, Germany). It showed that he traveled alone, without any family members or spouse. It also had his residency (Cincinnati, Ohio from 1866-1876) and where and when he became a naturalized citizen (Distric Court of Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio on 12th of October, 1874). It showed his current residency of Windthorst, Kansas and his occupation as a farmer.  It stated that he was about to go abroad temporarily and that he would return with in four months back to the USA and resuming citizenship duties.  It included his signature at the bottom of the Oath of Allegiance.  In addition it also included his physical description: He was 65 years old at the time of the application and was 5' 4.5" (he was short!).  He had a medium-high forehead, a dominant nose and blue eyes.  He had a mustache and full beard and his hair was listed as gray.  His face was round and his complexion was listed as "florid".
I tried to locate the passenger list for the Bremman but they were destroyed in 1875.
I found this great source on Passenger Departure Lists of German Immigrants 1709-1914 which lists all the ships carrying German Immigrants.  Here is a photo and a painting of the ship Joseph arrived on, The S.S. Hermann:

For what purpose Joseph was travelling back to Germany is not known yet...perhaps a family member was ill or had died.  I haven't found the ship he departed out on or the date but I did find the passenger list for his return back into the United States.  He arrived back from Bremman on August 8th, 1907 on the Barbarossa.
Here is a photo that very ship:
I have just begun researching the Dusing/Duesing line and will post additional information and photos as I discover them.  For now, the rain has stopped and it's time to set aside the search and do some actual work.

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  1. Dear Laura,

    While reading the journals of the architect Richard Norris in the British Library (52497 A-D. B.R.A. Collection Vol.XXIV A-D) I came frequently upon the name Dusing, a painter who painted Norris's portrait and who, from the context, was familiar with eminent artists such as Piranesi and Gavin Hamilton. But Dusing is not listed in any art history books or websites. I wonder have you any information about him. If so, I would be very glad to hear it.


    Brian Lynch