Friday, March 19, 2010

The Hunt Begins

When I decided to start researching my ancestry I had no idea of the work involved.  Nor did I know just how quickly information would begin to pile up.  I needed a place to put it all and I've decided to load it here, this sister blog to my weekly blog about life, "Where the Gold Bees Dream".  I also wanted to use this blog as way to keep track of all that information and a place to get help on those lines that are a bit more challenging to research and follow.

Currently, I have about 61 lines on my fathers side and 44 on my mother's side.  As this blog progresses, I hope to post links on each surname line.  I encourage those with matching surnames to comment and post what they know, who they are looking for or anything else they may have regarding that particular line.

This project is exciting and has consumed me for the last couple of weeks.  My photography and art have taken a back seat while I dive into the deep sea of ancestors.  How fitting that I'm starting this blog the day before I turn 45.  If only I would have had an interest in documenting the family histories earlier.  Only one grandmother survives but I wish I could have heard stories from those who have passed on already.  Will they speak to me through my findings? I certainly hope so!

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