Thursday, April 15, 2010

With a Little Help From My Friends

I had blogged earlier about the mystery surrounding how and when my Great Great grandfather John Spahn came to America. The family legend was that he went AWOL with the Russian Army and snuck into the States. I've not had any luck in finding him on any passenger list but with a little help from my friends, I just may get one step closer to solving the riddle.

Three of my girlfriends, Trena, Gina and Leilani all live in Kansas, about half an hour from Topeka. The three of them frequently get together for "girly afternoons" (always wish I was there with them!) so I sent all of them the information on the Naturalization record for John Spahn which is located at the Topeka Genealogical Society and asked for help in finding the record. I can always count on these girls for great support and they jumped on the favor without question.
Here are the pictures Trena posted on Facebook of her visit to the Topeka Genealogical Society:
Rows upon rows of records!

These nice ladies helped Trena locate the correct book that
 holds the record for John Spahn.

There it is!
The white book: Naturalization Record C District Court Shawnee County.

Now, I wait patiently to get the record...and with a little help from my friends, a mystery may be solved!
Update to follow...
Until then, Thanks girls for all your help!

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